GD75_ Assignment06 (Answers to Questions)

1. Who is your target audience?

Target audiences are urban women and men and medium or high income class.

2. What are the business goals and objectives of the client?

The business goals are easier contact and easier find that what she or he wants. If users are new, they are able to contact more easy on anytime, or if existing users, they can get more information and new arrived product.

3. Thinking about the concept of “Mobile First,” what are the primary things that a user will want to do on the mobile website?

Customers want to see new product, get something, looking for what they wanted. When they want to get product at home or anywhere, they may connect to mobile website and then they can see detailed snap shots of product. Sometimes customers want to get products at offline, but there are sold out and then they look for same product at online by mobile website.

4. Which of those things from #3 are better suited for a tablet device and what things are better done from a smartphone? Why?

For example, Calvin Klein website is consists of quantity of apparels, so, customers want to see texture and materials of clothing; therefore, they want to see more detail snap shots. It is better for tablet device than smartphone.

5. Based on lookup/find, explore/play, check-in/ status, and edit/create, what is the organization of your mobile site? What will you include in your navigation for the mobile website?

I will create base on find or look up.I will include ten navigation links;

1. Search 2. My Bag   3. Enter email, 4~10 about apparels (separated)

GD75_Assignment_05 (Team Project)

Native or mobile web examples of the Capabilities below.

1. Location detection: The following website it detects the location of houses for sale immediately depending where you are at?

2. Device orientation/accelerometer:

This game of Space Invaders is played by tilting your iPhone to the left or right. The only setup that’s required is for the base device to load up a webpage, then the control device scans a QR code (or just types in a link) to connect with the game.

3.  Touch:

This is a series of continous touching to access the menu and the gallery.

GD75_Assignment_03 (mock up)


1.    What does the native app offer that the mobile web doesn’t?

A mobile website gives you the limited information about what a user is looking for particular information on that site or a common search the user would do on that particular website through their mobile. Here you have to search and wait for the information depending upon the server speed whereas a native app that is already downloaded on your phone where you can frequently use it and you are familiar of all its content because you see it every time on your phone. If its your own user id then you are ready to go with one click to search your stuff and load up faster.
1.    2. Why do you think Yelp and Zillow have both a Native App and a Mobile Website?

Yelp is just an another way of googling stuff locally with good deals and many more. Once again having a yelps native app is you are so much familiar with the icons and navigations where as the yelps website takes time to download depending on the browser service have on your phone or what if the signal drops down. Most the people don’t have the smart phone so they have the feature of mobile website.

Zillow also have good reasons for both having their native app as well as mobile website. Eg: Someone dealing with the real estate wouldn’t mind comparing the prices online then there itself instead doing some research in the market.

Having two different features are also helpful in sense if on one’s phone website is not working he can pass on the information looking at the app or vice versa. They are still sharing the knowledge through different means.

Find 3 mobile websites to analyze.
1.    What are the important things to analyze when you’re critiquing a mobile website? Come up with 3 specific criteria to analyze. Explain why you chose these 3 criteria.
Looking at the site it should get the look and feel of that particular site that it belongs to.
The content should be always clear and easy to navigate on your mobile.
It should be friendly not making any user leaving that site immediately looking at their mobile website. There may be some users who looks for that particular site on their mobile for first time